Right now I'm just exhausted and bored with homework and studies. I think the exhaustion is because I haven't been eating properly lately + I've started working out = NOT a good combination. But I'm trying to save some money here! Good and nutritious food is expensive, or is it? ;) I just think I haven't had the time or the inspiration to cook something really good, so therefore I go for the easy way out: sandwiches, yoghurt, noodles, pasta, pasta, pasta and.. pasta! Well you get a hang of it don't you? I also haven't been drinking as much water as I use to. It's pretty obvious when I have been drinking enough water and when I haven't. I'm much more energetic and upbeat when I get enough of that H2O.

Anyway, I just feel like lying on my bed talking to Sinai over the phone, but she's too busy :( So I guess I'll have to go with my Motown book, but that's not too bad either :)

Btw, my "ex" neighbor called me yesterday after trying a couple of times earlier. I have been so busy this week so I didn't return his calls, I couldn't even find the time to remember. Every time I thought about it I was busy. So, what you didn't know is that he has moved! He had to move because he made too much noise, and I had a part in that. Not the noise-making I mean, the fact that he had to move :$.. But I mean, everyone knows the rules when they move here and if you can't live by the rules then you only have yourself to blame. But I do feel a little bad for him moving.. Even though he disturbed me a couple of times in the middle of the night with his parties I do miss having him here, he's a sweet guy. He is very shy but he's still managed to ask me out, twice. Yesterday he asked me if I want to go and see a movie a second time. And you know me, I rarely say no to a movie, so of course I said yes (: I'm hoping to see Jim Carrey's new picture "I Love You Phillip Morris". We didn't set a date cause I told him I don't know yet bc all the studying I have to do. But I think it'll happen sometime this upcoming weekend. Something to look forward to, always a good thing :)

I'm putting up some pics of my apartment for you to see Sinai (and anyone else who wants to know how my shoebox for an apartment looks like) (:



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oj jag har inte läst på jätte länge och såg nu vad du komenterat om min komentar. Självklart hade vi kunnat gjort det men nu är det lite sent. :S

Fast vi kan ju ta en fika efter skolan någon dag :)

Nu ska jag gå tillbaka till pluggandet åter igen. Men allt detta slit ger förhoppning´svis belöning snart.

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2010-04-26 @ 21:25:05


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