I genuinely, from my heart, miss Michael Jackson, and the more I dig into the media frenzy that surrounded him during the most part of his life and the multiple civil suits and allegations that he went through, I feel deeply and terribly sorry for what he had to endure. But you always have to look for the good in the bad right, and Michael never gave up. I don't think anyone, except for celebrities of such magnitude as Michael Jackson, can ever imagine what it is like to have everything reported about you, your everyday life, and to be ridiculed for years and years and have a whole world knowing that you have been charged with allegations of child molestations, TWICE. It truly saddens me when I see the large amount of ignorance that is circling the streets every day. I don't think many people even know the first thing about the allegations that were made against Michael in 1993 and 2004. Because if they did they would know that a large number of the people, who claimed that they saw Michael abuse children, had earlier tried to sue him but without success, to get a fast buck of course. If people did know, they would know that in the last case of allegations in 2004, the accuser and his family had been in previous law suits, where the two boys of the family later confessed to have lied under oath. The mother of the boy Gavin, who claimed to have been molested my Michael at least two times, told investigators that she and her family were being held captive at Neverland during some time. The amusing thing about this is that during the alleged kidnapping, the mother (whose name is Janet Arvizo) and her three children, spent thousands of dollars on a luxury lifestyle on Michael’s behalf and was being driven back and forth to Neverland whenever they pleased. She also told investigators that they were not allowed to know the time, even though there are numerous clocks showing the right time on several places around the Neverland property.

It hurts me a great deal that people are willing to believe the very first thing that they hear. And at the same time it makes me feel sorry for these people that they, still today, don't know that the tabloids can't be trusted. We should know better today with our well educated societies that you should always look for the facts and look for several resources before you can come to a conclusion about something. At least I know myself that I never take anything in which I see in the papers and tabloids, on TV and documentaries, before I do a good research about it. It can seem very innocent at first, but if you dig deeper into it, you find that there’s often more to it than it seems. Just because they are the media it doesn’t mean they know everything and have the right say about everything. I’d say it’s the reverse.

Almost a year has gone by since the death of Michael Joe Jackson, but it really feels like yesterday. It’s strange that way. I’m just happy that justice was served in the Arvizo case and I do hope that justice will be served in the case of Michael’s death. Now may you rest in peace Michael and I’ll see you in Los Angeles in a bit. I’ll come say hi to you :)



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