I just came home from a couple of hours of school and a meeting with my new boss, well that's what I thought. We talked for a while and then set a couple of days for introduction. I was excited as hell when I walked out of her office and then went for a small shopping spree to buy loads of candy to fill 6 Easter eggs. About an hour after my meeting with "my boss" she called me and said she had talked to one of my references who apparently had a lot of bad things to say about me. It was a real downer, I was happy to have been given a job so that I don't have to worry about the summer and now this?! Apparently this "reference" has been talking shit about me to other people where I've been applying for a job. As you probably can understand, I didn't get the job. So all I can say is: UP YOURS! I know what I'm good for and it ain’t that bunch of shit coming out of that bitch's mouth that's for sure.

But, I happen to believe that everything happens for a reason so hopefully something even better will come out of it. Back to searching for a job then! EXCITING!


By the way, I found a note in my letterbox when I came home and it was from my next door neighbor, asking me out on a date hah! (: He asked me if he could take me to the movies tonight to see Aniston’s new film BOUNTY HUNTER. I think the note was meant for yesterday though, but he didn’t write a date on it so I’m not sure. I wasn’t home yesterday; I was sleeping at my mom’s house after babysitting their neighbors’ daughter Stella sooo, I don’t know. Maybe it was yesterday or maybe it’s tonight, we’ll see. I wrote back, thinking it’s tonight, that I have to be home at 22:40 because that’s when THE JACKSONS start, and I just HAVE TO see it. I suggested we could see it tomorrow or on Sunday. We’ll see what he says, the note will probably dump back in my letterbox later. Haha, guess what? Just when I wrote: “the note will probably dump back in my letterbox later”, the note dumped down in my letterbox, I’m gonna get it right away, hold on…

Ok, so it’s set for Sunday! Cewl, I actually wanted to see that movie, I’m a big fan of Jen so it’s greeeeat! Gosh, I feel much better already. Just when I found out that I didn’t get the job I was ready to burst into tears, but now I feel pretty good. I’ll find a better job, I’m sure.


Mmmm, I’m hungry. Time for some cold smoked salmon and some TV! Adiós amigos y amigas ♥, and a special hello to my only two followers, Sinai and Elina (:



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