Take a look at this guy. This is Evan. He's the most positive person I know and I don't think I know anyone who's more loving towards life than he is. It's such a shame that he lives right across the Atlantic. Soon we'll be living in the same country, but NYC is still a looong way from Cali. He's a San Fran dude at heart, but he just recently moved to the big apple. I met Evan during the summer of 2008, just for two days, and he made such a big impression on me and on all of my friends. And I know it was his positive attitude towards life that stuck w/ all of us. I wish I had more people like him in my life who can teach me to be more like him.

Today I'm really going to make a change. I'm gonna take my mom and we're going to buy two training cards at FRISKIS OCH SVETTIS and damn it we're gonna make something happen. She and I needs it and we can support each other. I'm determined to turn my life around and I know it's not going to be easy and it's not going to be done over night, but I WILL do it. The secret to a more calm and happy life is tranquility in your mind and soul, so what I need to start doing is to take yoga classes and try some meditation at home. I want to be more positive and more loving towards life and towards people. And it starts TODAY!



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