Summers in Sweden are the best time of the year. Even though you don't have any cash, AT ALL, you can still be out all day w/ friends. I'm extra happy bc Charlotte is staying for the whole summer. She lives in London otherwise w/ her bf. But since I will be gone for 2 yrs it's simply perfect, we'll be able to hang out a lot before I goooo. She's said that she'll try to come visit me, I really hope so. ALL visits are more than welcome! Another great thing is that I will be hanging out a lot more w/ my bgf Cristina, I think she will be spending a great deal of the summer here in Stockholm if I'm not mistaking. We haven't talked in a while, I guess I should call her, but my phone is dead :( Right now she's living in Uppsala with HER bf while they are studying. I use to tell them, Cris and Charlotte, that when we're older we'll be spending Christmas together and they will be there w/ their husbands and kids and I'll be right in the middle, ALL ALONE. Hahaha. I haven't had a bf in ages now, I think like 3 yrs to be more exact. But I guess it's mostly my own fault :) But it doesn't really bother me either. You know what they say: when the time is right..

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I also want to say that these two girls mean SO MUCH to me. We've been through a lot, big and small, and I love you both very, very much. Even though I might not always show it, at least I know it. We go through different paths in our lives and right now I'm in a time in my life where I need to focus on certain things a bit more, but that doesn't mean I don't care about you! I'm looking forward to many WONDERFUL years together with the two of you. We've had some great times and we're gonna have some hell of a great times more. We're gonna travel, we're gonna celebrate, we're gonna raise our kids. We're going to have a great life together, even though we sometimes go our different ways in life.. I love you both very much and I'm looking forward to spending another happy summer with you.

I was out today handing out about 20 CV's. At first it was a bit nervous and then after about five it just went smooth. Hopefully someone will call back (but not today I hope cause my phone is dead!). There was this bakery where the girl I talked to said they were really in a need for employing, soo.. hopefully!

I'm excited. Tonight is the night. It's the Jacksons night. :) 22:40 at channel 4 

Postat av: Cristina

Aaaw! I love you too babes! xxxxx

2010-04-08 @ 16:42:12
Postat av: Sara

:) <3

2010-04-08 @ 17:10:39


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