While I was out today handing out CV's I passed by my old after-school where I spend most of my days when I was younger. And right across the street is a park where I've been playing ever since I was a baby. Those are the places where I was the happiest. Now the after-school is gone, long time ago, and the park is re-built, not at all as nice as it used to be. It's such a shame. I really loved my days at my after-school. I used to practice Michael Jackson's dance steps. I remember when my mom bought me the HIStory album right when it came out and Blood On the Dancefloor. I remember painting MJ drawings and I used to sell them for 5 kronor in the park. I used to dress up like Michael, I remember mom bought me a pair of black leather pants and a white shirt. We curled my hair and put it in a low pony tail, just like Michael's, and I performed a couple of times, with background dancers and all. We did Black or White, Bad, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal. You name it, I did it. Those were the days, the happy days. I wish I could get my hands on a video from one of those performances. Or at least a photo. There is nothing. Such a shame.. That's when Michael started to really mean something w/ me and he's been stuck w/ me ever since.. That kind of love never dies.

Now, Sinai's daughter is only a couple of years old and she's crazy about Michael. Always Michael, Michael, Michael. And I feel her in a way. And I get happy when I hear about how crazy she is about him bc that's how I felt when I was younger as well (and still does). I hope she never forgets about that love bc it is true happiness to feel that way about something or someone, especially as a child. And I'm sure she will look back when she gets older and feel re-connect to that happiness, just like I am. It's a powerful feeling. Whenever I think of Michael, weather it is with happiness or sadness, I feel this powerful and enormous feelings taking over mer. It's a great feeling to have, I'm telling you..

Michael's importance to me is huge. He is my inspiration, motivation. Love and kindness. He's a great passion in my life. He is the happy days of childhood, to me.



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