i'm on my way people. on my way. on my way to see my dreams. see them come alive. dreams of creating masterpeices about legendary men and women - like no one's ever done before.







A really real good peice of film





I've had the best dream. The BEST dream. Nothing can beat the dream I've had.. nothing..


Can you love someone you've never met and never known?


I genuinely, from my heart, miss Michael Jackson, and the more I dig into the media frenzy that surrounded him during the most part of his life and the multiple civil suits and allegations that he went through, I feel deeply and terribly sorry for what he had to endure. But you always have to look for the good in the bad right, and Michael never gave up. I don't think anyone, except for celebrities of such magnitude as Michael Jackson, can ever imagine what it is like to have everything reported about you, your everyday life, and to be ridiculed for years and years and have a whole world knowing that you have been charged with allegations of child molestations, TWICE. It truly saddens me when I see the large amount of ignorance that is circling the streets every day. I don't think many people even know the first thing about the allegations that were made against Michael in 1993 and 2004. Because if they did they would know that a large number of the people, who claimed that they saw Michael abuse children, had earlier tried to sue him but without success, to get a fast buck of course. If people did know, they would know that in the last case of allegations in 2004, the accuser and his family had been in previous law suits, where the two boys of the family later confessed to have lied under oath. The mother of the boy Gavin, who claimed to have been molested my Michael at least two times, told investigators that she and her family were being held captive at Neverland during some time. The amusing thing about this is that during the alleged kidnapping, the mother (whose name is Janet Arvizo) and her three children, spent thousands of dollars on a luxury lifestyle on Michael’s behalf and was being driven back and forth to Neverland whenever they pleased. She also told investigators that they were not allowed to know the time, even though there are numerous clocks showing the right time on several places around the Neverland property.

It hurts me a great deal that people are willing to believe the very first thing that they hear. And at the same time it makes me feel sorry for these people that they, still today, don't know that the tabloids can't be trusted. We should know better today with our well educated societies that you should always look for the facts and look for several resources before you can come to a conclusion about something. At least I know myself that I never take anything in which I see in the papers and tabloids, on TV and documentaries, before I do a good research about it. It can seem very innocent at first, but if you dig deeper into it, you find that there’s often more to it than it seems. Just because they are the media it doesn’t mean they know everything and have the right say about everything. I’d say it’s the reverse.

Almost a year has gone by since the death of Michael Joe Jackson, but it really feels like yesterday. It’s strange that way. I’m just happy that justice was served in the Arvizo case and I do hope that justice will be served in the case of Michael’s death. Now may you rest in peace Michael and I’ll see you in Los Angeles in a bit. I’ll come say hi to you :)




It's DONE, I've got my high school degree today (: After the lunch at school together with my classmates I met up w/ my mom and went to a beeauuuutiful vegetarian restaurant called "Hermans". It's HIGHLY recommended to go there, absolutely! They have buffet, organic tea and coffee, lots of delicious cakes and a FANTASTIC view. Have a look at the pics below (: Enjoy!

GRADUATION DAY ♥ 20 May 2010

I look like I want to eat someone

Beaauuuutiful Sweden

Hmm.. WretLJUM?

The view from the restaurant

My beautiful mother


Tomorrow's the day, it's my adult high school GRADUATION, and I'm siiiked! It feels SO good to have accomplished this and now I'm even closer to my goals in life. I love it. After my graduation I'm gonna meet up w/ my mom and we're having dinner at a really nice vegetarian restaurant w/ a beautiful view over the sea across to the other side of town. Lookin forward to it :)

I'm coloring my hair right now, actually it's highlights, and I think I have to wash em out now so.. sooo long!

Good day today btw (: Thanks you all!


Isn't this the cutest thing you've EVER seen?!?!


Everyone who knows me and everyone else have to know one thing about me. Today I can officially say that I DETEST dishonesty! People who are dishonest will immediately be dismissed from my life, they absolutely disgust me. So if you want to be my friend, be HONEST :) Alright. It's easy. And you know what they say: "Honesty is the best policy", so there you go.

So all you rats, get out of my life or don't even bother to enter!







Right now I'm just exhausted and bored with homework and studies. I think the exhaustion is because I haven't been eating properly lately + I've started working out = NOT a good combination. But I'm trying to save some money here! Good and nutritious food is expensive, or is it? ;) I just think I haven't had the time or the inspiration to cook something really good, so therefore I go for the easy way out: sandwiches, yoghurt, noodles, pasta, pasta, pasta and.. pasta! Well you get a hang of it don't you? I also haven't been drinking as much water as I use to. It's pretty obvious when I have been drinking enough water and when I haven't. I'm much more energetic and upbeat when I get enough of that H2O.

Anyway, I just feel like lying on my bed talking to Sinai over the phone, but she's too busy :( So I guess I'll have to go with my Motown book, but that's not too bad either :)

Btw, my "ex" neighbor called me yesterday after trying a couple of times earlier. I have been so busy this week so I didn't return his calls, I couldn't even find the time to remember. Every time I thought about it I was busy. So, what you didn't know is that he has moved! He had to move because he made too much noise, and I had a part in that. Not the noise-making I mean, the fact that he had to move :$.. But I mean, everyone knows the rules when they move here and if you can't live by the rules then you only have yourself to blame. But I do feel a little bad for him moving.. Even though he disturbed me a couple of times in the middle of the night with his parties I do miss having him here, he's a sweet guy. He is very shy but he's still managed to ask me out, twice. Yesterday he asked me if I want to go and see a movie a second time. And you know me, I rarely say no to a movie, so of course I said yes (: I'm hoping to see Jim Carrey's new picture "I Love You Phillip Morris". We didn't set a date cause I told him I don't know yet bc all the studying I have to do. But I think it'll happen sometime this upcoming weekend. Something to look forward to, always a good thing :)

I'm putting up some pics of my apartment for you to see Sinai (and anyone else who wants to know how my shoebox for an apartment looks like) (:




From now on I'll be counting the days until school starts, the 20th of September, at Columbia College Hollywood in L.A. :)




As you know I got myself a new digital camera this Friday and these are the results (: I have to say I think the quality of the pics is great. Good buy. Enjoy (; !

23/4-10: At school

23/4-10: Girls night in ♥

We kicked him out a couple of mins later after this pic was taken. No hard feelings, you know you're my budds Mats :)

Such a sweetheart. I love that bow on her. I say "My loff", with an Irish accent

Singstar DISNEY. Not a hit, not for me anyway (:

We lööööv sushi don't we

I swear I didn't mean for this picture to end up like this. Well, Susanna (in the middle) has to answear for her part, but my pose was totally accidential haha, it's true

Oh, how did they wind up here? Well, we all love titties

You can just feel the excitement I'm feeling right this moment, and Bella is even more excited (;


I want to start off with sayin just how HAPPY I am right now (: And the reasons for that are several!

1. I GOT ACCEPTED TO COLUMBIA COLLEGE HOLLYWOOD!!!! My first choice ((: *Yeeeeeey to thaat!* ''ckeck''
2. Since I've been accepted to CCH it definitely means that: I'M GOIN TO AMERICA! ''check''
3. I've got a new SEXY haircut. NO more flatness, just plain sexiness ;) ''check''
4. I get to spend my Friday together with two sweetpeaches whom I care about dearly ♥ We're having a girls night IN ''check''
5. I got a job for the summer! ''check''
6. It's been a great week in school. I've done really well and I think I can expect a very high degree when I graduate *MORE yeeeey to THAT!* :) ''check''
7. I'm getting a digital camera tomorrow ''check''


I found this pic when I Googled "Happiness" and I thought it was quite funny :) (but it's not recommended to use as a guidance though. You probably get why)


Yesterday, 20th of April, 14 (some say 13) alleged members of the Sicilian Gambino mob family was arrested after a series of raids on charges ranging from murders to jury tampering, to child sex trafficking, among many other charges. The Gambino family is said to be the biggest of the “Five Families” running the organized crime in NYC. The arrest caught my attention so I’m definitely going to search more into it later on, but for now you’re just gonna have to settle with some pictures involving the Gambino family.

The man walking in front is said to be the head of the Gambino family; John "Jackie Nose" D'Amico


I can't wait til Friday, I have a little surprise for you all, especially my two girls at VÄÄÄRMDÖ!

This week is soooo hectic, there's soo much to do!! Two tests, two assignments, preparing for three more tests next week. I'm going oooout of my mind here!! Well Friday is going to be a real reliever when I get to just drop it all for one night and just hang out with Susanna and Bella, having a wonderful ladies night. I haven't dressed up for ages so it's going to be real fun to do feel pretty for once (:

School's screaming for me, GTG!


This is how I'm feeling right now (: Jaaaaaames Broown singin: "LIVIN IN AMEEEEERICAA"


You know, EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER is like therapy for me. I see all of these families, struggling with their daily lives and then I realize how fortunate I am. But I easily forget.. and then I need to be reminded again.

Today it's about a father of four who lost his leg while serving as a marine in Iraq. They talk a lot about the dignity of serving their country and being a real American and so forth. I don't know, I kind of.. I don't like that kind of talk. I don't really know why. Maybe because I have so little knowledge of that area. Of being a patriot.. of war. I'm very much against war and I reeeally don't understand how people are willing to go to war for a country's sake. Maybe it sounds stupid.. I don't know. But what I do know is that I want to know more about soldiers who's serving at war. To gain understanding is one of the biggest and most important things in life; it makes it a lot more easier.


Just a beautiful picture of my beautiful IRELAND, for you all to escape to in your daydreams

"My loff" :)


It's time for the Jackson Dynasty again tonight. Lookin forward to it. REALLY lookin forward to it! (: It's only two episodes left.. :( And I still don't know if they've had their 40th anniversary concert yet? But I guess I'll find out during the last episode?..

NICE, my english teacher is sick (that's not so nice), so we get to go earlier today and that's why I'm not going to sit here at school any longer, I'm heading off hooome!

Oh, one more thing, don't forget to watch BIGGEST LOSER tonight :D



I've been to Friskis & Svettis two times now since I bought my trainging pass. The first time was a yoga class and today was something called Ki balance. I don't think I'll do the Ki thing again, I'll just stick to the gym and the yoga, and maybe a core pass once in a while. I need to get really motivated, I want to be really fit and healthy for the summer! It's time to bring out that ROCKY box again I think. I get really motivated when I watch those movies, especially the second one. Tomorrow morning I'm heading for the gym before school, it's gonna feel really good I'm sure. Time to hit the bed and watch some "Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew" before I fall asleep (:

Nighty night everybody ♥

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